Hoover Plastic Bent End For Miele 5269091

Hoover Plastic Hose Bent End and Curved Handle For Miele 5269091, Its replaced part number is 9442601, also Compatible for: Miele S2511, S321i, S4, S5, S624, S711, S8330, Complete C1-C3, etc.



  • Replacement Bent End Hose For Miele Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Made Of High-Quality Material.
  • Comes With A Hard Wearing Anthracite Finish.
  • Tubular Handle Fits Perfectly Onto The End Of The Hose.
  • Long Operation Life.
  • Replace part number 9442601 5269091 9442601.

Suitable models: Miele

S370, S371, S372, S374, S380, S381,
S4210, S4211,
S500, S501, S511, S512, S513, S514, S516, S518, S5210,S5211, S5220, S524, S526, S5260, S5261, S528, S5280, S534, S536, S538, S544, S548, S571,
S600, S612, S624, S626, S628, S634, S636, S638, S644, S646,S648,
S700, S710, S711, S712, S715, S716, S717, S718, S724, S726, S734, S736, S744, S748,
S800, S812, S824, S826, S834, S8340 S836, S838, S844, S846, S848,

Miele Classic C1
Miele Compact C1-C2
Miele Complete C1-C3
Miele Swing H1
Miele 9442600 / 5269091 / 9442601,
Miele C1…C 1, Miele C2…C2, Miele C3…C3,
Miele Electronic 2000, Miele S2121 S 2121,
Miele Brillant 2400, Miele S2511 S 2511, Miele S251i S 251i, Miele S 252i S252i,
Miele Electronic 3100 3000,  Miele S 310i S 371 Tango Black, Miele S 311i S311i Brillant, Miele S 312i S321i,
Miele Electronic 3700 3800, Miele Parkett S371 S381,
Miele S321i S 321i S322i S 322i, Miele S324i S 324i, Miele S381i S 381i Tango Black,
Miele S4 Econline Hepa, Miele S4211 S 4211, Miele S4212 S 4212, Miele S424i S 424i, Miele S4210 Ecoline S4 Ecoline, Miele S 4261i S4261i,
Miele Comfort XL S5, Miele Econline Green S5, Miele Cat & Dog 5000, Miele S 5000 S 5211 S 5311, Miele S548 S548 S500 S 500, Miele Electronic 5500, Miele Parquet S5510 S 5510,
Miele Jazz Plus, Ecoline S2 S5, S5 Econline S 5, S5 Gala Grande XL, S511 S 511, S512 S 512, S5220 S 5220, S5310 S 5310, S5520 S 5520, S5781 S 5781 S5 Ecoline,
Miele S624 S 624, Miele S626 S 626
Miele Black Magic S711 S 711, Miele S 711 Tango S711, Miele S 712 S712 Crystal, Miele S 716 S716,

Miele S8 Series S 8 S8340 S 8340, Miele Comfort S 381 S381, Miele S 8310 S 8330 S8310 S8330, Miele S 8340 S 8730 S8340 S8730,

Package included:1 x Comfort Handle for Miele

Please note this part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.


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