Pleated Wet HEPA Filter For Bosch GAS25


Hepa Pleated Wet Filter For Bosch 260741132014, GAS25L, SFC 2607432016, compatible models: 3M, Baier BSS 406, Berner BWDVC, CS Unitec 25A, Hamach HMV 6-L EA, Mafell S25

  • The compatible and affordable flat-fold/wet/HEPA filter cartridge is intended for your standard or robotic vacuum cleaner, as well as your carpet cleaner (wet vacuum cleaner) or multi-purpose vacuum cleaner.
  • Excellent filter performance.
  • The filter is washable and can therefore be used for a longer period of time. Replace the filter when it no longer cleans effectively.
  • Optimal suction capacity is achieved by regularly changing your filter.
  • To ensure compatibility, please check whether your vacuum cleaner is listed there.
  • Compatible with the part number: Bosch 2607432015, 35301000; Starmix 416038, FK 4300, FKP 4300  416069
  • Not an original product, high-quality, compatible accessory.

Technical details:

  • Material: plastic/microfleece
  • Form: Hepa, Washable
  • Height: 18.7 cm
  • Width: 5 cm
  • Length: 25,6 cm
  • Colour: grey / black / white

Package included: 1x pleated wet HEPA-filter
Suitable models:

3M Mobile Extraction System No. 64396, No. 64400, No. 64404, No. 64408
AEG RSE: 1400
Baier BSS: 406, 407 M, 408 H, 507 M
Berner BWDVC: Perm M BG, Top Perm, Top Permanent
Blastrac BDC: 1114
Bosch: GAS25, GAS25L SFC, GAS50, GAS50M
BTI: NTS 20 A-2, NTS 20 A-M-P
CS Unitec: 1225, 1250, 25, 25 A, 35 IP, 35 M, 50, 50 A, 416069

Hamachi: HMV 6-L EA, HMV 6-L EA/PA
Hitachi NT: 1232
Hitachi: RP250YDM(WA), RP350YDM (WA)
Hitachi RNT: 1225, 1225 M, 1232
Mafell: S25, S25L, S25M, S35M, S50, S50M
Metabo ASR: 2025, 2050, 25 L SC, 35 L Autoclean, 35 M Autoclean, 50 L SC, 50 M SC
Metabo SHR: 2050 M
Rokamat Tapir: M25, M35
Spit: AC1600, AC1625, AC1630P, AC1630PM
Starmix: 416069, GS 1032 HK, HS AR-1432 EWS, IS ARD 1225, IS ARD-1250, ISC ARD 1425, ISC ARD 1450 EWS Compact, ISP ARD-1435, ISP ARM-1435
Storch VacTec: 25

Please note this part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes.

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