HEPA Filter Set for Philips FC8058 FC8471 FC8472


Replacement HEPA filter set for Philips FC8058 FC8470 FC8471 FC8472 PowerPro Active. High-quality new spare parts. Send from UK/ CN warehouse.

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  • 1X EPA10 engine washable filter
    This ensures a high level of filtration and removes fine dust from entering the engine and damaging it.
  • 1X Engine inlet filter (foam)
    This filter provides additional protection to the engine and must be placed next to the EPA engine filter.
  • 2X Exhaust foam filters
    Filters are detained for finest dust before the air is discharged back into the room. The result is clean air free of dust in your home.

Suitable for Models
Philips FC8630 – FC8639 PowerPro Active
Philips FC8640 – FC8649 PowerPro Active
Philips FC9520 – FC9529 PowerPro Active
Philips FC8670 – FC8679 PowerPro Active
Philips FC9530 – FC9542 PowerPro Active
Philips FC8470 – FC8479 PowerPro Compact
Philips FC9320 – FC9329 PowerPro Compact
Please note non-genuine spare part, the manufacturers’ names and part numbers are for reference purposes only.