Dishwasher Basket Wheels for Electrolux ESF4110

Best Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheels 50286964007 for AEG Electrolux Zanussi Neue IDSH602W PV3550. High-quality parts with fast delivery, order and you will receive packets in one week.

  • A Set of 8 High-Quality Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheels.
  • Suitable for several brands of dishwashers: Zanussi, AEG, Electrolux, Tricity, Bendix, Dishwashers.
  • size: 40mm Diameter

Replaces Genuine Part Number:50286964007
Compatible with:

ESF4110, ESF4126, ESF4127, ESF4129,
ESF43005W, ESF43010, ESF43010, ESF43010, ESF43011, ESF43020, ESF43020, ESF4542,
ESF6125X, ESF6126, ESF6127, ESF6128, ESF6129, ESF6132, ESF6142, ESF6145, ESF6145X, ESF6150, ESF6150X,
ESF63012W, ESF63019, ESF63020, ESF63020X, ESF63021, ESF63021X, ESF63025, ESF63025X, ESF63026, ESF63029, ESF63030, ESF63032, ESF63040W, ESF63042W,
ESF64010, ESF64011, ESF64014, ESF64014X, ESF64016, ESF64019, ESF64019X, ESF64029, ESF64029X,
ESF65013, ESF65015, ESF65015X, ESF6521, ESF6522, ESF6525, ESF6526, ESF6549, ESF6549X, ESF6550,
ESI36012B, ESI36012W,
ESI4112X, ESI4121W, ESI4121X, ESI44032B, ESI44032W, ESI44032X,
ESI6105B, ESI6105W, ESI6105X, ESI6110K, ESI6110W, ESI6112W, ESI6113X, ESI63010K, ESI63010W, ESI63010X, ESI63020W, ESI63020X,
ESI64041K, ESI64041W, ESI64041X, ESI64602KR, ESI64602WR, ESI65060XR,
ESL 4114, ESL4115, ESL4116, ESL4120, ESL4121, ESL4142, ESL4143, ESL43010, ESL43020, ESL43500, ESL45015, ESL6115, ESL6124, ESL6142, ESL63010, ESL63040R, ESL64041, ESL64060R, ESL64085R, ESL64602R, LL60B, LL60X, RSF63012S, RSF63012W
ZDF100, ZDF121, ZDF102,
ZDF201, ZDF211, ZDF222, ZDF225,
ZDF301, ZDF302, ZDF303, ZDF306,
ZDF501, ZDF502, ZDF601, ZDF600,
ZDT5053, ZDT5152, ZDT5453, ZDT5195,
ZDTS100, ZDT300, ZDT6053, ZDT6255, ZDT6454, ZDT6764, ZDT6896,
ZDS100, ZDS300, DEF101, DEF201,
ZSF4143, ZSF4126, ZSF6066, ZSF6161, ZSF6126, ZSF6128,
ZDI100, ZDI110, ZDI111, ZDI200, ZDI300, ZDI6053, ZDI6142, ZDI6556, ZDI6896
DE2554, DE540, DE4754, DE4756, DE6744, DE6956,
DA6332, DA6343, DA6344, DA6345, ESF6563, ZI627,
DS22/30 DW24W/907/ 908AL/ 908W/ 909/ 915 DWS39W/ 909AL/ 909W/ 919/ 919 ID6745B ZD604B/ 604W/ 684B / 684B/ 684W / 684W ZT415/ 485,DE930 DH101 DI445/ 445TCR/ 445TCRB/ 445TCRW/ 460B/ 460W/ 50TCR/ 660TCR/ 660TCRB/ 660TCRW/ 760SS DS1660TCR/ 16TCR/ 17/ 21/ 21TCR/ 22/ 30 DW24W/ 904/ 905/ 906/ 907/ 908AL/ 908W/ 910/ 910TCR/ 915/ 920TCR/ 925 DWS39W/ 909AL/ 909W/ 919 Z2200MS ZD604B/ 604W/ 606B/ 606W/ 684B/ 684W ZT415/ 455/ 485/ 605
F64570V, F40742, F50742, F44760, F44450, F54750, F44760, F54750, F44860, F54850, F64860, F43480I, F44480I, F64480I, F84485, F84470, F85480, F50742, F40742, F50777, F50580, F86071, F50777, F44080, F64085, F65080, F64080, 6470W/ 911882019 F.315W FAV3420W/ 54750VI/ 64800W
FAVCOMP315W/ 525IB/ 525ID/ 525IM/ 525IS/ 525IW/ 525W/ 5450W
FAVCOP5450ID/ 5450IW FAVORIT42300/ 5041/ 525I-B/ 525I-D/ 525I-M/ 525I-S/ 525I-W/ 525W/ 5450/ 5450W/ KDW1, 6470W FAV42300/ 5450/ 5450W/ 54750VI/ 64800W KDW1
Please note this part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.